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Friday, April 20, 2018

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I don't require your review, lol, and yes, I have played before, and am presently engaged in a debate with someone a lot more knowledgeable than you, on another article here, I suspect, and do not have the time, or the frustration tolerance, to carry on two at one time. But if you want some things to investigate, try this, tell me why God needed an editor several hundred years after the fact to append a new ending to Mark to make it better support the claims of the later written gospels (the two oldest bibles still in existence do NOT contain the verses from 16:9 on), and we have church father's writings that discuss not one, but two new endings circulating, at the time, did his inspiration transmitter get interference the first time? Tell me why three gospels agree on the day and time of Jesus's crucifixion,while not on a lot of other things, but John assigns it to a day and time to correspond to the sacrificial passover lamb. I would think that would be a pretty agreed upon thing, if someone wasn't FOS there. Tell me why Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount that until heaven and earth pass away, not a jot or tittle, etc. and yet Paul says that faith without works (of the law will get you into heaven. As the Son of God, you'd think he'd have known about it if later some new covenant was in play. Tell me why, in answer to that declaration by Saul, James, brother, cousin, whatever you believe, of Jesus, the head of the Church of Jerusalem at the time says that faith without works are dead Tell me why he said Saul taught a Jesus he never knew. Tell me why Acts says that the foundation of preaching to the nations is in Isaiah, but Isaiah clearly says converts that want to join God on his mountain have to provide burnt offerings. Tell me why the Incident at Antioch with Peter even happened, and if Saul was doing what he was sent out to, why was the council of Jerusalem even necessary, regardless of whether you believe his crap about the Church of Jerusalem being down with his new covenant or not, which was pretty easy for him to claim, since the Roman's scattered the Church of Jerusalem to the winds. It's also pretty well argued that Peter has no voice in the Bible at all, and his contributions are psuedepigraphy. I don't have the time to document any references right now, so that's basically stuff you can check in your own copy of the bible, for the most part.

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I can see you are truly obsessed. Lol!


No, because I am not a theist.


Strange that you cannot explain your message.


I know you see it that way.


I'm unclear on your conclusion.


That depends on what we mean by "pure love".


Word of God says and His word is truth.


Yeah, useless green party


i gave up when they went Dino


White privilege is a Marxist myth.


"just keep your Antifa freaks away from me"


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,


When did I blamed my wrongdoings on God?


I've yet to see rational justification for the Resurrection.


Lollll I?ll keep it a secret ;)


We make up for lost time??????


Claims need proof. Enough said....


Active powerful force is not the same as Magic


"Tanto" said it best


Shoot coin star it


Yes, that's me - thank you!


Then leave your religion.


Lots of ground to cover. 1st, "hell" isn't


Ahem...you certainly have my attention, M. :-)


He'd have more luck with Sulu.


Just watch what pops in there first??


So now we're into this territory:


I'm sure it was a mistake.


That's because *gasp it didn't evolve.


The consideration is okay

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