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Friday, May 4, 2018

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SG,if you really believe that,then please run for office.Thru my 35 years of marriage and 40 years of full employment,amd my wife's employment as well,not for one second did I ever not think that it all could end in a minute and my family would be on welfare,trust me on this we both made very good wages,but took nothing for granted,and certainly never looked down on people who needed social services,I delivered to thrift shops before I retired and know that they weren't that high paying of a job,so keep in mind you are probably just a few pay cheques away from being on welfare.Please try to show some respect to people less fortunate than you or I,ok?

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This gay Jewish Buddhist put it best


"Son, we can make fossils in days."


Sorry, no advertizing other channels here. Deleted. Nothing personal:)


Most westerners don't need to know the why.


You are to good for this world ???????


This is the religion channel. Not the catholic channel.


portable power tools...good one

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